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If You Take One Step at a Time What Happens When You Reach 4,556,000?

2021 marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life, at 54 I changed career, re-trained, become qualified and then accredited as a Coach, with my intention clearly set to make coaching more accessible and help others see their true potential and create the life they want.

Strongly supported by my Circle of Allies (friends, family, colleagues, my coach and supervisor) who gave wise advice, “just take one step at time Rachael” so I decided to take this advice quite literally and signed myself up to virtually walk Route 66 excited to see where this might take me and my new business.

I am proud to say that this month I completed my challenge and walked 2,278 miles, 4,566,000 steps, the equivalent of Route 66.

  • Many a joyful walk with friends and family, dogs, children, to and from work or just for fun.

  • Many a beautiful view enjoyed, flower sniffed, and butterfly watched.

  • Many a problem thought through, shared, and resolved.

There is something about endings, whether like me today it is the end of a particular project or perhaps marking the end of a year or a relationship, if it is a happy, exciting end or perhaps a sad end full of grief or change. There is something important about making sure The End is noticed.

I also like to take time to look at what has happened between the beginning and the end. For example: when I reflect on where these two years took me and my business, I can see that I have worked with 71 clients, 49 companies and delivered 375 hours of individual coaching, 45 hours of group coaching and 66 pro bono hours. Offering a variety of Career Transition, Leadership, and Individual Coaching across all sectors in 14 different countries. At home my daughter has left school, started work and going to college in September, my husband semi-retired, both my parents are now settled in supported accommodation, I am almost ready to sit my next accreditation exam, just a few of the big chunky transitions made during this time.

Now, I really enjoy a good ending, even the hard ones. There is something almost ritualistic about planning what I want it to look like, how will I mark it (normally with something fizzy🥂), considering do I need people or privacy, planning an ending is very helpful for me, it gives me time to notice what is happening, reflect on what has gone before, what needs said, celebrated, mourned?

So, this week I will celebrate with friends my achievements, I will take time to feel proud of myself for completing some amazing things over the two years and take some time to reflect on what could have been different and most importantly what's coming next. Any suggestions welcome!

As a coach I always feel privileged to work alongside people who are looking to make a change. If you are feeling brave and interested in a new beginning, looking for support planning an ending I encourage you to take one step at a time, look how far I got, literally! Please reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

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Well done Rachael ! Such an inspiring journey and great way to make change accessible.

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