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People Saying?

 Rachael is:


100% of clients said coaching with Rachael was helpful and enabled them to move forward


I often get asked, "what will a session be like".  Above and below are different peoples experiences, I hope this helps to give you an idea.

Coaching Client

"I loved working with Rachael and the work we did really gave me the confidence to set up my own business. You can read more about how and why here:".

Coaching Client

"Rachael is an artful coach with a good background in business and organisational change. Coaching takes time and requires trust on all sides. Rachael ensures trust is early and at the heart of the discussion – that way whatever comes from that place of trust will be useful and not superficial. Lasting change seems to come from the discussions".


External Supervision and Mentoring Client

"Mentoring was a new experience for me but I needn’t have worried as my Supervisor was brilliant and instantly put me at ease. I felt comfortable opening up and talking about any issues or concerns and feel I benefited greatly from our regular meetings. I really have gained so much from these sessions and now have a number of ideas and coping strategies that I can take forward into my work and everyday life. Thanks a million for the great service, support and guidance"!

Career Transition Coaching Client

"I'm so thankful for all the support and encouragement you gave me which without a doubt helped give me to confidence to see what else was out there and get me to this point. It was definitely time for me to make this change and I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my life". 

Coaching Client

"Rachael offered me great questions and resources so I can achieve my goal. Besides all, she had an amazing energy that made me confident in my dream".

Executive Coaching Client, Managing Director

"Occasionally in business life you are fortunate enough to meet people that really make a mark on your self development and you will always remember their words of wisdom. They act as a turning point in your thinking. Rachael Wallace-Lane is an Executive Coach that I can't recommend highly enough. She applies an intuitive skill to listen and understand which then in turn facilitates your thinking through business and personal challenges. Asking incredibly insightful questions and then empowering you to find solutions - for me light bulb moments. Rachael has a genuine warmth to her style leaving you feeling confident to tackle the most difficult problems. Her approach is partly psychologically based with strong business insight, this helped me create solutions that I hadn't previously considered and yet were beautifully logical. I can't thank you enough Rachael”.


Sponsor Company, Director

“It was such a pleasure working with Rachael, she is a highly skilled and professional coach.  I was very impressed by the way she skilfully managed to support my colleague, drawing out the skills and strengths that had been hidden and ignored for a long time.  Her approach was always kind and encouraging which was absolutely perfect for my colleague. The growth in confidence, and belief in themselves, was noticeable within a short period.  This was hugely beneficial for my colleague but also for our organisation.  I would highly recommend".

Leadership Coaching Client, Learning and Development Manager

"Rachael's active listening skills and diligent presentation of your reflections are mindblowing. She helped me to clearly articulate what I wanted to get out of the session by asking great questions. She specifically helped me figure out my actionable next steps, but also highlighted other focus areas that may be worth digging deeper into without making me feel as if there's something "wrong" with me. I feel energised to kick into action after my session with Rachael"

Executive Coaching Client, Director  

"I worked with Rachael to tackle a particular challenge in work that I had been grappling with for some time. Within a matter of months I'd addressed the challenge head on and come out the other side happier, healthier and more productive as a result. I can't recommend Rachael highly enough!” 

Leadership Coaching Client, Manager

"When I started coaching with Rachael I had a complete lack of confidence in my ability. I knew I could do my job but still had this overwhelming feeling that someone was going to find out that I was ‘a fraud’. Rachael helped me through our coaching by helping me to realise that each time I had moved up this ladder that I had done some on my own ability, my own merit. She would send me video’s for motivation that I would listen to before I did something that I struggled with and after some time I realised I did deserve to be here and have a seat at the table. Without Rachael and her coaching I wouldn’t be as confident about what I can do now and I am excited about what I can achieve in the future and during difficult times I have Rachael’s voice in my head saying you can do this and also a reminder to breathe."

Personal Coaching Client, Legacy Development Manager

"The key takeaway about the benefits of coaching is that you have the answers inside you already, a coach like Rachael helps to facilitate the realisation of what's going on for you now and helps tease out the next steps you may look to take to get to where you would like to be.” 

Personal Coaching Client, Human Development Architect

"Rachael is a powerful coach. Her coaching has great impact on moving things forward in a meaningful direction. Her presence allows her to listen deeply to what needs to be addressed and she opens wide perspectives, thanks to her excellent questioning skills. In short, I vividly recommend Rachael as a coach for those who are looking to develop and progress in their thinking, leadership and business".

Executive Coaching Client, Head of Sales and Marketing

"I went into my first session with Rachael with a very open mind. I had planned a couple of things to discuss and to my delight, we covered both and I came away feel more organised, prepared and well balanced"

Leadership Coaching Client, Community Organiser

"Rachael was patient and positive, helping me to feel better and have greater clarity about positive immediate next steps I can take to feel more in control / less over-whelmed by my situation".

Executive Coaching Client, Senior Investment Relations Manager

"Even if it was only a 45 minutes session, I started to get a better understanding of some of my professional goals and behaviors and I am quite excited for our next conversation!"


Mentor Client, Corporate Services Coordinator

“Rachael’s guidance, support and encouragement enabled me to realise my own potential and progress with my career”.


Executive Coaching Client, Director of Operations

"Rachael was very good at explaining the parameters of the coaching session and I felt confident in the contract we agreed upon at the start. She was confident in asking me very pertinent questions and I had agreed that she could ask uncomfortable questions, as I knew this would allow me to get to the answers I needed quicker"

Personal Coaching Client, Learning and Improvements Manager

"I first worked with Rachael in 2013 when we were introduced through a business mentoring programme. I have regularly sought out her coaching support since then as I have always found working with her really beneficial when facing challenging situations or when I need to refocus on my goals. Rachael is incredibly approachable and supportive but also challenging in the right way. I have recommended Rachael to friends and would not hesitate to do so again in future.” 

Sponsor Company, Chief Executive Officer

"Rachael is very committed to enabling people flourish on their own terms. She fundamentally believes we have in ourselves what we need to be who we aspire to be - she doesn’t try to “fix” people - she helps them do things for themselves”.  


Personal Coaching Client, Author

"This was my first time ever receiving coaching and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It really helped me understand myself and the way I think, supporting me in both my business and personal life" .   

Business Mentor Client,  Chief Executive Officer

"Our sessions together have been enormously valuable and brought great practical benefit.  Rachael strikes the (very hard to achieve) right balance between the professional and personal approach.  She has helped me clarify priorities, provided an objective perspective and pointed me at some useful contacts and resources. A very enjoyable and beneficial experience, thank you!” 


Business Mentor Client, Enterprise Network Coordinator 

"It was hugely valuable to bounce ideas around with someone. Rachael was also very supportive and encouraging and I always felt I was in a better place after we met".

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