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"I can not change the world alone but I can cast a stone to create many ripples” 

Mother Teresa

"My intention is to make coaching more accessible, to help others see their true potential and create the life they want”  

Rachael Wallace-Lane  



To continue to support the community and with a  wider vision of educating society to the potential benefits and ripple effects of coaching, Rachael chose a values-based business model.  This model means that Rachael can ensure profits from her business are used to subsidise those who do not have the financial resources to pay for quality coaching.


Rachael delivers 50+ hours of pro bono work a year, donates 5% of her earnings to charities and has developed a sliding scale to make coaching accessible to those that want coaching but do not have the resources.  


Through these small contributions Rachael hopes to create a ripple effect by committing to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics and actively demonstrating how she lives her values of :

Values Question Mark.jpg
Values Kindness.png
Values Transparency.png
Values Respect.png




Imagine, what if?


With a beginners mind, actively listen to different opinions and ideas and explore what solutions they might bring.

The smallest kindness can have the biggest impact.

Consciously take time to really see and hear each person; where and how they are in body, mind and spirit.   

Share what you know.

Remember that decisions are easy to make and challenges are easily overcome when we are  open and honest. 


Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Authentically appreciating that everyone comes with their own stuff and that is ok.





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