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Do you ever find it difficult to ask for help?

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Discover your Circle of Allies

I was speaking to the great Sandy MacIver this week and we were pondering, as we often do, why people sometimes struggle to ask for help and it made me wonder if we knew who to ask, would it be easier?

This reminded me of an exercise that I did when I first started my business. I was advised to map out what I would need to make my business a success and I drew this, it is a map of all the things I knew I would need to support me:

When times are challenging it can be difficult to focus and think of where to begin. Doing this exercise helped me see that I already have a great many people around me that can help, by knowing who to ask made it easier to reach out and asking for help.

Also, recognising that I do not have to know everything, be able to fix everything makes my life way less stressful and now full of amazing, talented people that I can draw on for support and guidance.

Luckily this month I have already had the opportunity to connect with so many parts of my Circle of Allies already:

  • My Supervisor and Mentor Coach, Clare Norman, helping me explore any ethical issues I come across in my practice.

  • My old colleagues Christina Cran and Seamus Corry, sharing resources and the many joys and challenges of running our own businesses.

  • My values, which support me in all my thinking and decision making.

  • The ICF UK Conference, Thriving in Extraordinary Times, sharing amazing learning with my fellow members.

If you are interested in exploring more about creating a Circle of Allies, coaching or mentoring please reach out I’d love to hear from you.

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