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Do you ever sit in a meeting and wonder why you were invited?

Ten years ago I walked into a restaurant in Dublin and was introduced to an amazing group of people. I was blown away by the expertise around the table; professors, politicians, CEO’s and people with the most amazing lived experience. I had been invited to speak at a conference about Homeless Prevention and these were my fellow keynote speakers. After the pre-conference dinner I took a walk along the River Liffey to clear my head but all I could hear was a little voice in my head, “so why did they invite you, you are not as clever, accomplished, experienced as them?" I felt like a fraud and an imposter.

As a Coach I often work with people who find it challenging to accept what they have achieved, in their personal and professional life and sometimes I’m lucky enough to be with them when they have a lightbulb moment and it always gives me goosebumps!! This happened recently when my client Tess Hamilton said with great confidence:

“I now know I deserve to be at that table

Tess shares, "When I started coaching with Rachael I had a complete lack of confidence in my ability. I knew I could do my job but still had this overwhelming feeling that someone was going to find out that I was ‘a fraud’. Through our coaching Rachael helping me to realise that each time I moved up the ladder I had done it on my own ability, my own merit. Without Rachael and her coaching I wouldn’t be as confident about what I can do now and I am excited about what I can achieve in the future”.

Tess’s coaching was sponsored by her Director of Services who shared: “Rachael is a highly skilled and professional coach. I was very impressed by the way she skilfully managed to support my colleague, drawing out the skills and strengths that had been hidden and ignored for a long time. The growth in confidence, and belief in themselves, was noticeable within a short period. This was hugely beneficial for my colleague but also for our organisation. I would highly recommend”.

If you are interested in finding out more about coaching, how it could support you or someone you work with then please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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