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Ready to Launch

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jenna Miller since February, when she approached me with her business idea and a desire to launch on 1st April.

“I have been working with Rachael for a few months now. When I initially started, I was tired of working for other people, working long hours and having no work life balance. As a passionate Permanent Make Up Artist, I knew I wanted to start my own business, however, had no idea where to start".

To begin with we looked at what was most important to Jenna, taking time to explore her own purpose, values and ideas. What did she want her life to really look like?

Using the great tools and resources that Business Gateway provide, she developed her own Business and Marketing Plans, really drilling down into what she needed to create a successful and sustainable business whilst maintaining a healthy work life balance. Setting up systems and processes that will ensure she is only working the hours she wants, gets the holidays she needs and deserves.

"Since my first meeting with Rachael, I have completed my business plan, designed my own website, secured a premises and I am now fully booked 4 days a week until the end of April! My only regret is not starting sooner. Thank you Rachael for guiding me to my true potential and I am so excited to continue working with you in the future as I develop my business further.”

With a passion for instilling confidence in others Jenna is really walking the walk, investing time and energy in herself, discovering what she wants and building a business that supports that. Amazing work Jenna, I wish you every success with the launch and this next chapter, very exciting. Find out more about Jenna's business here.

If you are thinking about taking a new direction, launching a business idea or just looking to make a change please reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

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