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Returning from Maternity Leave, or supporting someone who is?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

It may have been 13 years ago but I vividly remember my first few weeks back after maternity leave. Sleep deprived, constantly noticing baby sick spots on my suit, wondering what that ear worm was in my head and then realising I was humming the theme tune to the children’s show, In the Night Garden! I was glad to be back but conscious that much had changed and in particular my confidence was taking a back seat.

As a Coach I often work with people at many different stages in their careers; maybe starting a new job, retiring or just looking to take some time out to do something completely different. Last year I had the privilege of being one of the coaches in the L&D Shakers - Coaching for L&D programme and working with the amazing Seana McCauley, who had recently returned from maternity leave and she shared how coaching supported her through this transition.

“As a new mum returning from maternity I was struggling with adapting back into work and I was searching for a better balance with my work and family needs. The coaching sessions with Rachael Wallace-Lane were a life changing experience. Rachael offered me tangible tools and plans of action which helped me to manage the change and develop resilience. She is honest, always encouraging, and an insightful guide through work/life experiences, we spent a lot of time reflecting on what I enjoyed and it helped me identify my goals and dreams. She helped me weigh all my options and recognise my strengths and core values to ensure that I incorporated these into my decisions as well. She impacted my life in ways I did not expect, she helped me acknowledge my worth and take back power I had felt I lost in work situations. I was fortunate that I had worked with Rachael previously, so it made it easier to reach out for her help - this enhanced my experience with her and enabled us to build on that trust to help me work on goals to improve personal and professional relationships. Rachael empowered me to find a greater balance in my life, I can’t express how much the time I spent with Rachael helped me grow.”

If you are interested in how Coaching could support you return from a period of time away from work or are maybe just keen to explore how you can create the life you want, please get in touch at

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