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The Ripple Effect - Just One Step at a Time

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I am a planner through and through, anyone that knows me knows I love a plan and get very excited around planning season. I enjoy all things planning, from the listening to stakeholders, exploring their innovation, researching the big picture, the pulling together and turning it into something beautiful. Also, all the amazing stationery that goes with planning like post its and highlighters!

Planning gives me peace of mind and I am self aware enough to know that it also allows me to feel I am in control of what is happening around me.

However, the last few years have taught me that you can have the best plan in the world but sometimes life just gets in the way. The things we do not plan for; loss of sight, sudden deaths, emergency surgery, chronic pain, diagnosis of things that cannot be “fixed”, fragile mental health, oh yeah, and a pandemic.

Many times whilst navigating these challenges I have been encouraged by my amazing Circle of Allies, reminding me to “just take one day at a time” and when things have been particularly challenging it became “just one step at a time”.

The ripple effect of my friends and colleagues advice enabled me to see that by breaking things down into tiny bite size pieces somehow everything seems a bit more manageable. This inspired me to take that advice quite literally and I signed up to walk Route 66 virtually, which is 2278 miles, approximately 6,716,911 steps. I will do it one step at a time.

I am 35 miles in and whether I do just a few steps a day or 10,000 I will be happy moving forward and if you are interested to explore those things that happen in life, those challenges and opportunities, finding strategies to move forward, come join me in my monthly newsletter.

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