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The Gold Standard of Coaching

I am feeling very proud today to have received my Professional Certified Coaching (PCC) credentials from the International Coaching Federation.

I always wondered if having an accreditation mattered but now, I am clear as it helpfully creates a distinction. Reflecting my intention, to be the best I can be, committing to providing the highest quality of professional care to my clients. It also gives me great confidence in myself, my business and my offer.

Over the past 3 years I have enjoyed:

- completed 150+ hours of coaching training.

- delivered:

o 500+ hours of coaching.

o 50+ hours of group coaching.

o 100+ hours of pro bono coaching

- partnered in:

o 10 hours of mentor coaching, having my practice observed.

o 20+ hours of coaching and supervision, to develop my practice, learning and development.

- passed 2, 3-hour exams, measuring my knowledge and ability to apply the International Coaching Federations ethics.

I am looking forward to continuing my learning and development, focussing on creating that work life balance whilst being the best I can be.

As always, I thank my amazing Circle of Allies, those people that continuously support and challenge me. My friends and family, my clients and mentors and my ever-growing network. I am truly grateful.

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